HELP! My Front Door Needs Something!

We hear that a lot at this point of the year! Christmas is over, and often our Christmas wreaths are too “Christmasy” to last through winter (through Feb and maybe parts of March). And we aren’t ready to put out our true Spring options, because it’s so dreary outside! So what is our go to answer for this situation?

BOXWOOD, TEALEAF, and MAGNOLIA! GREEN GREEN GREEN! It helps add life and color, but no too much, because let’s face it, we have a while before the daffodils bloom!  But nonetheless, these are welcoming, and will help make you smile!

Here are our TOP SUGGESTIONS for adding some green to your front door right now! 


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  • Leslie, YES! We already have more on the way! See the update on the top of the blog on how to be notified!

    Jeremy from House on
  • Will you be getting more magnolia wreaths in?

    Leslie Wainscott on

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