Goals can be useful, but…

Goals can be useful, but… life usually rewrites everything!

During our Christmas buying trip to Atlanta last January, the three of us sat down over dinner and set some goals for our business.  Sitting down now, reviewing those goals…some were met, some were surpassed, and truthfully some were never thought of again.

Now that we have caught our breath, and have really taken in the past year, it’s been year of AMAZING HIGHS and a few lows:  Stuart’s beautiful marriage, then as of recent some tragic losses of family members for a couple of us have lead to reflection and conversations about many things.

And truthfully, the conversations always lead back to you, our customers – our friends.  Conversations about how kind and loving you have been, or how we heard “Today is my BEST Saturday EVER…Spalding donuts…AND Shopping at house” or “THIS is my happy place” and many other encouraging words. (all true stories)

Those stories drive us! YOU drive us!  We got a lot right this year, for that we are so grateful!  We also got a few things wrong, and for that we apologize, we will strive to do better in 2015.

So you see….Set those goals, then throw them out the window! Life has it’s own agenda, and we just need to be wise enough to listen.

Thank you again – we are so grateful for your love and support, and Happy New Year to you and those who you hold close and treasure.


The Boys

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