Classic Christmas Basket: Step by Step

Classic greenery and red berries are always a combination that just gets our juices going for Christmas time.  The rich textures of greenery and pine, combined with the bright cheerful red just makes us smile...and somehow always makes us feel like we're home for Christmas! So we thought it was only natural to start with Classic on our first walk-through of a Basket Arrangement for Christmas!

Step 1: I started with our favorite basket!  And believe me, it's perfect for any season...any time, and any door!  We actually have these made custom for us because they are just absolutely perfect!  PRO TIP: Worried about something like this scratching your door?  Glue felt pads or pieces of felt to the back side, and your door and you can put those worries to the side.


Step 2: I established the height of the basket by using our Faux Magnolia Tree Branch.  This is a great "branchy" stem to get height, and looks so beautiful and natural!  I cut off the bottom part of the stem with a pair of thick wire cutters because I only need so much height.  PRO TIP: Be sure to shape and manipulate your stems....chances are they are straight as a stick, and give the branches interesting shapes make them more realistic looking, and honestly this goes for any stem!  I used 2 stems in this basket.


Step 3: I then established the rest of the shape and size by inserting our Faux Long Needle Pine stems.  I shaped the stems to have a nice natural arc and curve to them.  This helps the needles have a really graceful appearance.  PRO TIP: Take your time to make sure the needles aren't bunched or messy.  Use your fingers to comb through the pine to make sure all of the needles are free to shape and fall naturally. NOTE: I left a hole where I knew I would be placing our bow!  This is important to think ahead and think about where you want to place it, and leave the space so you can just tuck it in. I used 4 Long Needle Pine Stems in this arrangement.


Step 4:  I then started filling in the shape created with the pine branches with our Faux Holly Branch.  The deep tone of the greenery and the bright red berries SCREAM Christmas and I'm here for it!  I used 2 pieces of holly, and cut them into 2 pieces each!  PRO TIP: When cutting a stem or branch into pieces, remember it's best to cut right in the split of a stem branching off!  This will make it look more realistic and help hide the cut!


Step 5: I added Faux magnolia leaves to the arrangement!  The large leaves are an important texture and layer in any Holiday arrangement.  Here I only needed the leaves and picked them together with our pick machine to tuck in, however you could have used full magnolia stems and done the same. PRO TIP: Mix up how you shape your magnolia leaves!  They don't all grow the same way on the tree! The same should be said for faux ones as well!


Step 6: I continued feeling in the shape with our Variegated Holly Stems.  They are a favorite of ours for a reason!  The variegation and berries work with EVERYTHING and instantly add Christmas Charm.  I added 3 stems of our Variegated Holly.


Step 7: I wanted to add a little sparkle to the basket, and used our Faux Gold Pinecone picks to add the perfect sparkle, yet natural adornment!  PRO TIP: Pinecones are an easy way to add texture and interest to an arrangement!  Think of them like ornaments or flowers! They are perfect to tuck in arrangements!  I used 2 stems and cut into 2 pieces each.


Step 8: I finished the basket off with the perfect combination of classic but updated ribbon!  PRO TIP: Do not be scared to mix and match ribbons!  And that goes for colors, pattern, and sizes!  A fun bow can totally change up the look of a basket!

What a beautiful arrangement that feels so classic, but yet updated at the same time!  Did you enjoy this step by step?  But would like even more tips for mixing the perfect combination?  Check out our blog Tips From the Pros : 4 Principles + A Go-To Formula to master mixing and matching stems!

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  • I love this arrangement & love the step-by-step. The combination of ribbons makes it chic but also fun. Thanks! Love you guys.

    Marilyn on

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