Art In Bloom 2010

So this past weekend was the Art In Bloom held at the UK Art museum, and wow!…it was the best yet! If you aren’t familiar with AIB, it’s a fundraiser for the Museum in which local floral designers are invited to interpret works of art through floral designs. And guys…this year definitely takes the cake in “most creative” there were some truly beautiful designs.

Stuart is actually on the board for the event, so “house” had the wonderful opportunity to create a awe inspiring entrance! Seen here is only one of 2 matching 10’+ tall floral arrangements that graced attendees once they entered The Singletary Center. It was clear very quickly that the combination we used was a huge hit with guests! Not only did we use classic spring flowers as tulips and forsythia, but you also found nestled among the flowers mangos, cantaloupes, peaches, and a few other fruits which textures and colors just bounced with the tones of the petals. The arrangement was billowing with tulips casting towards the ground, while the forsythia, bells of Ireland, and white gladiolas stretch towards the ceiling!

Without a doubt, these were the largest arrangements Dwayne and I have ever made! ( I feel very sorry for the guys who had to move them to a second location later that night….actually….I said a little prayer for them every hour on the hour until the movement had to take place…..phhewww…) You want a statement piece…these were statement pieces!!!!

Video of actually how the flower arrangement swere made are coming soon! As well as video of Stuart’s own personal art/flower interpretation and a piece made by our very own Sherry Russel.

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