A Boy Can Dream….of Laundry Rooms

So in my dreams of growing up and getting the house of my dreams, strangely enough….the laundry room is just about as important to me as the living quarters! A client of ours has what we call the “Taj Mahal” of laundry rooms, and it’s to die for….did I mention that it has 3 large chandeliers hanging above the granite island in the middle of the room? I’m happy for her…but what about me! I’ll have that someday too…right? A boy can dream I guess.
I recently came across this photo of this old galvanized bucket turned into a sink in a laundry room, and immediately started foaming at the mouth. Paired with the faucet, subway tile, and plantation shutters….it was almost too much for me to handle!!!
Unfortunately for me, this has now been added to the list of things needed when buying our next house. Our poor realtor Maxine. I realize that most likely I will have to update the room into something like this, but I have to have the room to do it first!
I also came across the lower photo, and also adored it. I love the use of the picnic table in the middle as the island! Now I need even more room! My question for this home owner is….HOW MANY WASHERS DO YOU REALLY NEED?! I think they might have went a little over board if they aren’t parents of 15 children or so. Who knows…it could have been the Octomom’s, but then again…it’s white and too clean for her herd of children, lol.
Who would have thought I would be so obsessed with laundry rooms! I mean, I haven’t washed clothes in almost a month! I guess maybe I should start practicing that now huh?

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