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Virtual How To Class: White Magnolia Arrangement

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Are you already getting stir crazy from being at home?  Need something to take your mind off of EVERYTHING right now?!  This is your answer!  Join one of our Virtual How To Classes!

White Magnolia Arrangement.
CLASS VIDEO TIME: March 27th, 11am EST

How it works:

-Order the arrangement you want to make.  You can order it with the container or use one of yours if you have one.

-You either pick up the kit from the store (curb side), or you can have it shipped to you.  The kit will include all of the stems needed, already cut and picked, foam and moss, and the container (if you choose the arrangement with container.)  It will also include suggestions on how to be set up, ready to roll for the date of the event)

-On the date and time of the event shown above, there will be a live stream on our Facebook page (You DO NOT have to have a FB account to see), and we will step you through how to make it step by step.

-If you aren't available at the time scheduled, or have to miss the live stream, no worries, the video will be posted and will stay on there so you can rewatch, rewind, re-whatever you need in the future!

The Container we are using has a mouth that is 4.5"x4.5", you would want to use a container that has about the same size mouth. 

We only have a certain amount of materials available, so spots are limited and will go quickly. 

If you have any questions, please be sure to email and he'll get back with you as soon as possible.